Gunna – back in the a [Official Video]

The official video for Gunna’s “back in the a” – OUT NOW!

Back in the A is a mixtape by the American rapper Gunna, released in 2018. The project features a total of 13 tracks and includes collaborations with artists such as Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti. Gunna’s signature melodic flow and introspective lyrics are showcased throughout the mixtape, providing listeners with a glimpse into his life and experiences.

The title Back in the A likely refers to Gunna’s return to Atlanta, his hometown and a city known for its vibrant hip-hop scene. The mixtape received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, praising Gunna’s unique style and ability to craft catchy hooks. Overall, Back in the A solidified Gunna’s position as one of the rising stars in the rap industry and further established his reputation as a talented artist with a promising future.