Post Malone ft. Blake Shelton – Pour Me A Drink (Official Video)

Official music video for “Pour Me A Drink” by Post Malone featuring Blake Shelton.

Post Malone ft. Blake Shelton – Pour Me A Drink is a collaborative country rap song that blends the unique styles of both artists. Post Malone, known for his versatile musical abilities and ability to cross genres, brings his signature melodic rap flow to the track. On the other hand, Blake Shelton’s smooth country vocals add a traditional touch to the song, creating an interesting fusion of genres.

The lyrics of Pour Me A Drink revolve around themes of heartbreak and seeking solace in alcohol. The melancholic tone of the song is complemented by the emotive performances of both Post Malone and Blake Shelton. Overall, this collaboration showcases the diverse talents of these two artists and their ability to create a compelling and emotionally resonant piece of music.