Taylor Swift | Back To December//Apologize//You’re Not Sorry – Lyrics

Hi! The lyrics videos I’m uploading to this channel is videos I made in 2013-2014, so I just thought I’d let them out on YouTube again. I don’t use this channel much anymore but I’ve got two other channels that I’m active on below:

Taylor Swift’s song Apologize is actually a cover of the original song by OneRepublic. The cover was performed during Swift’s Fearless tour in 2009, where she added her own unique twist to the popular track. Swift’s rendition of Apologize showcases her vocal range and emotional depth, resonating with her fans and further solidifying her status as a versatile artist.

While the song Apologize is not part of Taylor Swift’s official discography, it remains a memorable moment in her career for both fans and music critics alike. The stripped-down acoustic version of the song allowed Swift to showcase her raw talent and connect with audiences on a more intimate level. Overall, Taylor Swift’s cover of Apologize serves as a testament to her ability to infuse emotion and authenticity into any musical piece she chooses to interpret.